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The spirit, like the mind, body, and emotions, is a natural dimension of every person. In the hospice and palliative care setting, the spirit and spirituality are not defined within the context of a specific religion and its doctrines, but instead as the awareness of one’s relationship with the world, humanity, and one’s overall sense of meaning and purpose.

While other skilled care professionals tend to a patient’s physical and psychosocial needs, the care of the spirit rests with a compassionate and highly-skilled member of the hospice team — the hospice chaplain.

At Acura Hospice Care, the chaplain is as an integral member of the hospice team as is a medical professional who plans, assesses, and cares for a patient’s spiritual needs throughout the end-of-life process.

Bereavement Services

Bereavement support at Acura Hospice Care consists of individualized attention from our social workers, chaplains, and/or volunteers. During the months following the passing of a loved one, our caring staff remains in contact with family members to learn more about how they are coping and how we may help in that process. Some of the services we offer are:

  • A year of bereavement support for all family members
  • Monthly letters and educational materials for adults and children
  • Referral to support groups for those who havelost a loved one
  • Individualized care and counseling
  • Access to appropriate community resources via referrals

Regardless of what we have to offer, what you receive is based upon what you need and want.

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