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doctor and senior menHospice nurses are the cornerstone of hospice care, coordinating the overall care plan, teaching you how to take care of things on your own, providing hands-on care, and giving advice over the phone when necessary. During the duration of your hospice care, you are likely to receive care from nurses who perform multiple functions.

Nurses at Acura Hospice Care are available 24 hours a day. We plan out and conduct home visits to assess the client’s condition. Upon developing a hospice care plan, our nurses will then administer pain management and symptom control:

A hospice nurse can help:

  • Advocate for practical patient care according to your wishes
  • Share your/your family’s questions and concerns with the physicians
  • Explain the medical situation to loved ones
  • Be a sounding board when you deliberate your decisions
  • Reassure you that you have carefully thought through your decisions
  • Provide emotional support
  • Help you and your family access spiritual support
  • Be there at the time of death
  • Assistance with medication monitoring and administration
  • Medical equipment assistance
  • Diet monitoring
  • Pain and symptom control
  • Personalized home care

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